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“We believe the industry needs to change. Employers deserve transparency. Employers deserve our PBM solution.”

Our History
EpiphanyRx was formed in 2016 by a team of PBM experts who knew employers deserved a better option in the increasingly conflicted market.

They saw how conflicts of interest like spread pricing and rebate retention created incentives for PBMs to promote greater drug utilization and cover higher cost drugs. Employers were left bearing the costs while PBMs profited.

EpiphanyRx was created as the PBM solution employers deserve: fully transparent and 100% pass-through, with no conflicts of interest or misaligned incentives.


EpiphanyRx, A Navitus Solution

EpiphanyRx is Navitus Health Solutions’ in-house solution for employers ~3,000 members and less. We are a dedicated division specifically focused on this market segment.

Navitus has over twenty years of experience providing a transparent, pass-through solution. Together, we are leaders in the industry, paving the way for better pharmacy benefit management.

To learn more about Navitus, visit www.navitus.com.


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Why We Do What We Do

We make medications more affordable for the people who need them, so they can live their lives more fully.

This means keeping a close eye on rising specialty drug costs, providing proven management solutions, and most importantly, putting our patients over profits.

Here’s just one story of how we made a difference:


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