EpiphanyRx performed a study to identify drivers contributing to recent increased ADHD medication use within commercial employer groups. Read more about our discoveries.

WHITE PAPER: ADHD Medication Trends

In this Fast Five, we revisit biosimilars - still a hot industry topic. We explore biosimilar pricing and the incentives motivating drug manufacturers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). We discuss formulary decisions including placement of biosimilars and removal of brand Humira®. To help us break down this complicated topic, we consulted our clinical expert, Janelle Sheen, Senior Director of Clinical Strategy.

The Fast Five: Still Buzzing About Biosimilars

GPOs began emerging in 2019 and continue to grow. In this Fast Five, we share five insights on transparency in the age of GPOs and what to keep in mind when you are evaluating different PBMs. 

The Fast Five: Transparency in the Age of GPOs

While some pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) have been talking about transparency for years, it has become an increasingly hot topic in the health care industry. So what does transparency really mean? Let’s take a fast five (minutes) to look at PBM pricing models and how transparency comes into play.

The Fast Five: Let’s Be Clear. What Does Transparency Mean in PBM Pricing?

Everyone is hearing a lot about prescription drug pricing lately thanks to a very famous billionaire entrepreneur. What is cost-plus pricing? Is it new? How is it disrupting the industry? In this Fast Five, we share answers to these questions and provide guidance on how to evaluate this model. For a smart insider’s perspective, we consulted with Sharon Faust, Senior Vice President, Lumicera Specialty Pharmacy. 

The Fast Five: Drug Pricing Disruptors

Biosimilars are a hot topic in the pharmacy industry right now. Wondering what all the buzz is about?   In this Fast Five, we asked our clinical experts, Janelle Sheen and Imke Scheepers, to share the basics about biosimilars as well as some key insights on this topic.  

The Fast Five: What’s all the Buzz about Biosimilars? 
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