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Employers are facing challenges with their pharmacy benefits:

 ×  Rising prescription costs ×  Costly programs that don’t add value
 ×  Complex, confusing, and “shady” pricing ×  Unresponsive account teams
 ×  Poor or unreliable service ×  Employees who are unhappy about their benefits
 ×  Difficult-to-reach customer service teams ×  Broken promises from their “partners”

We’ve specifically designed our comprehensive PBM offering to provide solutions to these problems:

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Specialty Drug Management

Specialty is our specialty.

  • Focused on managing specialty trend and spend
  • Cost-lowering programs, like Specialty Access and QALYIQ
  • Medical specialty drug management
  • Lumicera Health Services
  • Industry-leading copay assistance services for specialty and traditional drugs
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Clinical Value and Integrity

Low net-cost, value-based strategies.

  • Biosimilar promotion
  • Rigorous utilization management
  • Healthy weight solutions
  • Opioid safety solutions
  • Hands-on clinicians
  • Analysis and recommendations
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Service Excellence

Service is at the center of what we do.

  • Personalized member and provider transitions
  • 24/7 Customer Care
  • High-touch Account Management
  • Collaboration with clients’ benefit teams
  • Leading Lumicera Patient Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Strong advisor (consultant and broker) partnerships

Specialty medications are the most expensive but also the most important.

We believe members with critical medication needs deserve the very best service and support. 

Lumicera is our exclusive specialty pharmacy. They are the gold standard in specialty pharmacy with an 84 Patient NPS.  

How does Lumicera put patients first?

  • Proactive therapy management with patient education and assistance
  • Highly-trained Patient Care Specialists
  • Patient support in every step of the process
  • Patient-centered decision making leading to improved health outcomes

Learn More About Lumicera
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Lumicera is truly different in the industry.

  • The first and only cost-plus specialty pharmacy
  • The actual acquisition cost is passed through with a patient management fee
  • The only specialty pharmacy using actual acquisition cost that can be tied back to a purchase order, instead of a benchmark price or average acquisition price  

Lumicera puts patients over profit every time.

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